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Finding reliable JoJo tank installers doesn’t have to be a challenge. We provide you with direct access to trustworthy JoJo tanks installersnear me, capable of handling all your installation needs professionally.

Whether it’s for home or commercial use, our recommended installers ensure the process is seamless and efficient.

Skilled professionals are essential for correct installation that upholds the integrity of your water storage system.

  • Our network includes certified installers who adhere strictly to manufacturer guidelines during setup, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your tank.

From Johannesburg to Cape Town and beyond, we’ve got South Africa covered!

The value of Relying on Professional JoJo Tanks Installers

Turning to Professional JoJo Tanks installers can offer multiple benefits for your water storage needs.

  1. Expert Knowledge: With substantial experience in handling diverse installations, professional JoJo Tank installers can provide secure and efficient solutions.
  2. Quality Materials: They use high-grade materials that ensure the longevity of your tank installation.
  3. Warranty Protection: Making use of a professional installer safeguards your warranty, providing you with peace of mind.
  4. Compliance with Regulations: Professional installers are well-versed in local regulations and codes, ensuring your installation meets all necessary requirements.
  5. Safety Assurance: Skilled technicians carry out the installation process safely, mitigating any potential risks.
  6. Cost-effective Services: While the initial cost may seem high, hiring professionals could save you money in long-term repair costs. The average labor cost alone falls within $150 to $450 range which is worthwhile considering it includes material costs too!
  7. Time-saving: They carry out their tasks quickly thanks to their expertise, freeing up time for you.

8 Things to Keep in View When Choosing a JoJo Installer

Here are some indispensable points to consider while selecting an expert JoJo installer:

  1. Previous Experience: Always check the installer’s experience in handling similar projects in the past.
  2. Certifications: An ideal installer should hold necessary certifications, indicating their competence in installing JoJo tanks.
  3. Referrals: Ask for referrals from past customers, this will give you a clear idea about the service quality.
  4. Adherence to Guidelines: Make sure that your chosen installer is aware of and follows JoJo’s recommended installation practices as outlined on DIY brochures and leaflets provided by the company.
  5. Quality of Past Work: Evaluate the quality of their previous installations to ensure they meet your expectations.
  6. Installation Cost: Get a detailed price breakdown beforehand to avoid any unexpected expenses later.
  7. Customer Service: Gauge their responsiveness and willingness to assist during pre-installation inquiries and post-installation services.
  8. Warranty Details: Understand clearly what their warranty coverage entails before hiring them.

Guidelines for Choosing the Best JoJo Product for Your Requirements

Analysing your needs before selecting a JoJo product is vital. You must consider factors such as the size of the tank, material and location for installation.

  • For instance, if you live in an area with frequent water cuts or scarcity, opt for a larger capacity tank that can store ample water supply.

Another important aspect to consider is the quality and compatibility of the product with your water source and usage pattern. Some people require tanks for drinking water while others need them for irrigation purposes.

  • The type of JoJo product will vary depending on these user-specific needs.

Take advantage of resources like the JoJo vertical tank selection guide to find your perfect match.

  • It’s also advisable to consult with professional JoJo tank installers who have extensive knowledge about different products and their suitable applications.
  • In addition to this, don’t forget warranty aspects when choosing between options.

Choose a reliable company like JoJo Tanks which invests in designs, technologies, and capabilities to uphold its purpose and provides substantial warranties on its products for added peace of mind.

Finally, yet importantly, always make sure that any chosen Jojo product complies with national standards as shown in their detailed product brochure available online.

5 Key Reasons Why Proper JoJo Tank Installation is Crucial

Proper JoJo tank installation is crucial for several important reasons:

  1. Extends lifespan: Properly installed JoJo tanks can have a lifespan of over 20 years, ensuring long-term water storage and savings.
  2. Reduces wear and tear: Correct installation reduces friction and stress on fittings and connections, preventing leaks and unnecessary damage.
  3. Ensures water security: JoJo tanks help save water by catching and storing rainwater, providing a reliable source of water during droughts or disruptions in supply.
  4. Improves efficiency: A well-installed JoJo tank ensures that the stored water is easily accessible for various household needs, eliminating the risk of wastage.
  5. Enhances system performance: When a JoJo tank is installed correctly, it maximizes the efficiency of other components, such as pumps and filters, resulting in an optimized water storage system.

Comprehending the Installation Procedure of a JoJo Tank

Installing a JoJo tank may seem like a complicated process, but with the right guidance, it can be done easily.

First, make sure that the tank is placed on a flat and stable surface.

This will prevent any tilting or damage to the tank.

  • Next, connect the downpipe from your roof gutter system to the inlet of the tank using a pipe and fittings.

This allows for easy collection of rainwater into the tank.

To ensure proper water flow, install an overflow pipe at the top of the tank that directs excess water away from your home’s foundation.

  • It’s also important to install an outlet valve near the bottom of the tank so you can access and use the stored water when needed.

Remember to follow safety guidelines while installing your JoJo tank. Don’t place any heavy objects on top of it as this could cause damage to its roof structure.

  • Additionally, make sure all connections are secure and watertight to avoid leaks.

By understanding these installation procedures, you can confidently set up your JoJo tank and enjoy easy access to clean water for various household purposes.

Examining the Differences: DIY JoJo Tank Installation and Professional Installer

DIY JoJo Tank Installation Professional JoJo Tank Installation
1. Cost DIY installation is typically more affordable as it removes the cost of labour. You only need to purchase the tank and necessary materials for installation. Hiring a professional installer will involve additional costs for their expertise and labour. However, this can be cost-effective in the long run considering the quality and longevity of the installation.
2. Expertise While DIY installation guides and video tutorials like the one on dual rain barrels are handy, lack of technical knowledge can pose challenges. Professional installers are trained to install Singular green tanks, come with extensive experience and technical know-how. They can efficiently handle any challenges that may arise during the installation.
3. Time DIY installation takes up your personal time and might take longer due to possible trial and error. Professional installers can quickly complete the installation as they are adept at their work.
4. Quality DIY installations rely on your skill level, which can affect the sturdiness and functionality of the installed tank. Professionals provide a guarantee of quality workmanship, ensuring the tank is sturdy and functions optimally.
5. After-Installation Support Post-installation issues in DIY can be daunting to handle, and there might be a lack of support. Professional installers provide after-installation support, helping you deal with any issues that may arise.

8 Practical Tips for JoJo Tank Maintenance and Care

Take proper care of your JoJo tank with these practical maintenance tips:

  1. Regularly inspect the tank for cracks, leaks, or damage.
  2. Clean the exterior of the tank to prevent dirt and debris buildup.
  3. Remove any leaves or other debris that may have accumulated on top of the tank.
  4. Check the tank’s water level regularly and top up if necessary.
  5. Keep the area around the tank clear to ensure proper ventilation and easy access for maintenance.
  6. Test the water quality periodically to ensure it is safe for use.
  7. Flush out the tank at least once a year to remove sediment and bacteria buildup.
  8. Consider installing a filter system to improve water quality and prevent clogging.

Practical Solutions for Common JoJo Tank Installation Problems

Here are some practical solutions to common problems:

  • If the tank is unstable, ensure that it is placed on a firm and level surface, using a concrete pad or compacted gravel.
  • Leaking connections can be fixed by tightening them or using plumber’s tape to create a watertight seal.
  • If the overflow pipe is not working properly, check for any obstructions or blockages and clear them out.
  • To prevent insects and debris from entering the tank, install a mesh screen over the inlet and overflow pipes.
  • If there is inadequate water flow from the outlet, make sure that the tap or valve is fully open and check for any blockages in the piping system.
  • If you are experiencing low water pressure, consider installing a pressure booster pump to increase water flow.
  • For tanks with algae growth, clean the interior of the tank regularly and consider adding an algaecide treatment to prevent further growth.
  • In case of foul odours coming from the tank, flush it out with clean water and add disinfectant tablets as recommended by JoJo Tanks.
  • If you have concerns about potential contamination in your stored water, consider installing a filtration system to ensure clean and safe water.

The Cost of JoJo Tank Installation in South Africa: 2023 Price List

Tank Size Cost of Tank Installation Cost
250 litres R200 Contact installer for quote
500 litres Contact supplier for price Contact installer for quote
1,000 litres Contact supplier for price Contact installer for quote
2,500 litres Contact supplier for price Contact installer for quote
5,000 litres R5500 R8000 to R15000

South African Locations Where Expert JoJo Tank Installers Are Available

Expert JoJo tank installers are available in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, East London, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Kimberley and Rustenburg.

Where Local Certified JoJo Tank Professionals Provide Services

Local certified JoJo tank professionals provide their services in various locations across South Africa.

  • These professionals are experts in the installation and maintenance of JoJo tanks, ensuring that you receive reliable and efficient service.

Whether you are located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, or any other South African city, you can trust these professionals to handle all your JoJo tank needs.

  • They have the necessary certifications and qualifications to ensure that the installation process is carried out with utmost precision and care.
  • With their expertise, they will supply all the materials needed for the installation and offer top-notch customer service throughout the entire process.

Rest assured that when you choose local certified JoJo tank professionals, you are getting quality service from experienced individuals who understand the importance of proper water storage solutions.

Selected Neighbourhoods

Expert JoJo tank installers are available in selected neighbourhoods across South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, and Port Elizabeth.

  • These professionals have the knowledge and experience to handle all your installation requirements with precision and efficiency.

Whether you need a new JoJo tank installed or an existing one repaired or maintained, these certified experts are ready to provide their services in your local area.

  • With their expertise, you can ensure that your JoJo tank is installed correctly and functions optimally for all your water storage needs.

No matter where you are located in South Africa, there are reliable JoJo tank installers available nearby to assist you.

Conclusion: Get Perfect Installation Results with Reliable Expert JoJo Tank Installers!

In conclusion, when it comes to installing your JoJo tank, it’s best to rely on the expertise of professional installers.

  • Not only will they ensure perfect installation results, but they also bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that guarantees a long-lasting and reliable water storage solution.

Don’t compromise on quality – choose trusted experts for your JoJo tank installation needs!


1. What is the importance of hiring professional JoJo tank installers?

Hiring professional JoJo tank installers ensures that the installation is done correctly and to industry standards, minimizing the risk of leaks or other issues.

  • They have the necessary expertise and experience to handle the installation process safely.

2. How do I find reputable JoJo tank installers in my area?

To find reputable JoJo tank installers in your area, you can ask for recommendations from friends or family who have had similar installations done.

  • You can also search online for reviews and ratings of local installers or contact JoJo tanks directly for a list of authorized installers.

3. What factors should I consider when choosing JoJo tank installers?

When choosing JoJo tank installers, it’s important to consider their experience, qualifications, and reputation.

  • Look for installers who are certified by relevant regulatory bodies and have positive customer feedback.
  • Additionally, inquire about their pricing, warranty options, and after-sales support.

4. Can I attempt to install a JoJo tank myself?

While it may be possible for some individuals with plumbing knowledge to attempt installing a JoJo tank themselves, it is generally recommended to hire professionals due to potential complexities involved in proper setup and connections.

Hiring professionals ensures that safety protocols are followed and guarantees a reliable installation that will last longer without any issues arising.